Guidelines for Use of Scanners in NCL

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Guidelines for Use of Scanners in NCL      

Valid from September 16, 2015

1. When use the scanner provided by the National CentralLibrary (NCL), besides complying with all the copyright regulations, users haveto be conscientious about how the duplication will affect potential marketvalue of a book, and take into consideration the fare use of a book.

2. Rules for using the providedscanners:

(1) The scanners are only for scanning limited portion ofa book in NCL’s holding. Users are not supposed to scan the materials that aremarked as “Duplication Prohibited” and the specific materials as listed in Rule24 in the “Guidelines for National Central Library Users.”

(2) For using the provided scanner, users have toregister at the Service Counter with a valid NCL Library Card. In eachregistration, users are allowed to reserve one time period only. After time up,it is necessary to repeat the same registration procedure again.

(3) The scanned digital files are for none profit personalresearch and education use only. The copyright law of Taiwan (R.O.C.) governsthe making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Theperson using the facilities provided by the NCL is liable for any infringement.

(4) Users have to use his/ her own USB flash drive (32 GBor below) to save the scanned digital files. It is prohibited to connectpersonal laptops or any kind of tablets to the provided scanners. When damages occurreddue to violations, users will be charged for repairing the damaged facility.

(5)When need assistance in learning about how to use the scanner, please contactthe Service Counter.

Last Update Time:2016-09-14