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Bilingual Glossary

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61. Junior Officer 助理員
62. Specialist 專員
63. Junior Technical Specialist 技佐
64. Secretary of Director General 館長秘書
65. Library Programs Specialist 閱讀推廣專家
66. Information Organization Specialist 資訊組織專家
67. Knowledge Services Specialist 知識服務專家
68. Special Collections Specialist 特藏專家
69. Paper Conservator 紙質修復師
70. International Cooperation Coordinator 國際交流專家
71. Information Services Specialist 資訊服務專家
72. Editor of Taiwan Publishing and Reading 《臺灣出版與閱讀》編輯
73. Chief officer of the Preparatory office Southern Branch of the National Central Library and National Repository Library 南部分館籌備處主任
74. Head of Liaison Division, Center for Chinese Studies 漢學研究中心學術交流組組長
75. Scholarly Exchange Coordinator 學術交流專家
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