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Strategies and Goals
  1. Promotion of Civic Information Literacy, Enhancing the Nation’s Potentialities
  2. Facilitating Joint Collection Preservation Collaborations, Conserving Important Cultural Assets
  3. Implementation of New Information Technology, Upgrading Services for Academic Communities
  4. Developing e-Learning Programs, Transforming knowledge into Competitive Power
  5. Incorporation of Innovative Technologies, Transforming Service Models
  6. Advancing Service Model Innovations, Delivering Sensational Services
  7. Enhancement of the NCL Sinology Information System, Facilitating Scholarly Communication
  8. Expanding International Sharing Programs, Broadening Global Reach and Influences
  9. Taking Leadership Role for Taiwan Library and Information Communities, Advancing Service efficacy
  10. Extending Services to Publishers, Nourishing Publishing Industries
  11. Flexibly Adopting New Strategies and Positive Philosophy, Re-engineering the NCL into an Effective Organization
  12. Establishing More Service Bases, Strengthening Service Efficiency

Last Update Time:2021-01-14