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1. Deposit of Personal Belongings:

Reading Rooms in the National Central Library are for users to make use of the Library’s materials. Except the important personal belongings, Identifications, and those that are harmful to the environment or prohibited illegal objects, backpacks/ handbags and personal belongings or books are supposed to be left in the lockers located at the 2nd Floor Lobby of the Library.

2. Admission to the Library:
Users have to present their NCL Library Card at the Library’s Checkpoint, allow library staff to verify and to scan the barcode of his/ her Library Card before admitted to the reading area of the Library. Only NCL Library Card holders are allowed to request for closed stacks materials, and to reserve for and use of a Study Room seat/ group discussion room/ PC seat, or to apply for Research Carrels, etc.

3. Use of the Library’s Resources:
Open shelves materials are provided for free access. However, when need to bring materials out of a special reading room it is required to inform the Library staff at service counters. When done reading newspapers or journals, users are required to put them back to the right place on the shelf, but books are to be put at book trucks in each reading room. Shelving of books will be done by the Library staff.

4. Exit the Checkpoint and Leave the Library:
Before leaving the Library, users have to return all the requested closed stacks books/ materials. Upon leaving, users are required to let the Library staff to examine his/ her bag or backpack, and have to scan the barcode of his/ her NCL Library Card.

Last Update Time:2021-05-05