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Duplication and Copyright

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Duplications in the NCL and Copyright: 

1. Materials allowed self-service copy:

Any materials on the open shelves are free for users to make copy for research and learning purposes. However, users are supposed to do copies following fair-use principles and are liable for any copyright infringement.

2. Materials under special duplication prohibition:

(1) Rare books, books with special access restrictions, unpublished manuscripts,and books or any kind of materials deemed to be too fragile by the Library, etc. are all under special duplication prohibition.

(2) Audio-video materials are strictly prohibited from reproduction.

3. Fair-use principle (legal restrictions):

In accordance with the nation’s copyright laws, readers can only make copy of a small portion of a publication, or make copy/ print-out/ download of a single article from a periodical at a time. 

4. Making copy from rare books held at Rare Books Room:

Making copy from rare books or other string-bound books are subject to the rules of the NCL Rare Books Room.

5. Making copy from the collections held at Center for Chinese Studies Reading Room:

Making copy from the collections held at Center for Chinese Studies in NCL is subject to the rules of the Center for Chinese Studies Reading Room.

6. Use of the duplicated copy:

Materials duplicated from the NCL collections may only be used for academic and learning purposes and are not allowed to duplicate more copies for distribution, publishing, or any business purposes. 


1. Copiers:

There are copiers or copy rooms within each special collections reading rooms/ reading area for self-service use, and only Copier Zone at 3rd Floor provides color copier for use. Pre-paid copy cards can be purchased from the service counter in the Copier Zone at 3rd Floor. Detailed location information about copiers is asfollows:

(1) 2nd Floor: One copy room by the Theses and Dissertations Collection area.

(2) 3rd Floor: One copy room by the Newspaper and Western Periodical Collections area.

(3) 4th Floor: Copiers equipped in the Rare Books Room.

(4) 5th Floor: Copiers equipped in the Government Information & Law Collections Reading Room.

(5) 6th Floor: Copiers equipped  in the Center for Chinese Studies- Materials Reading Room. 

2. Scanners:

Scanners are equipped at two places in the NCL: (1) 2nd Floor, by the General Information and Circulation service counter, and (2) 6th Floor in the Center for Chinese Studies Reading Room. It is free of charge using the scanners but users need to do registration for using of the facility. Each registration allows using for 30 minutes.

Friendly reminder:

 1. Available hours:

Copiers and scanners are available for use from 9:00 a.m. to 10 minutes before closing during open days.

 2. Carrying out materials from a specific room:

When need to carry out materials from a specific reading room for duplication purpose, please fill out a form at service counter of the room before doing so, and please be kindly bring back the materials to the room afterwards.


Printout from microfiche/ microform materials:

The NCL holds microfiche/ microform materials. Users can read and print out from such materials in the Microform Materials Reading Room at 4th Floor. To learn about the location of this room, please refer to Floor Layout of NCL Main Library- Floor 4.

Last Update Time:2024-05-31