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  • 2019-02-11
Taiwanese Manga Artist AKRU Gives a Talk at the NCL
Taiwanese Manga Artist AKRU Gives a Talk at the NCL

The National Central Library (NCL) recently invited AKRU, a well-known Taiwanese manga artist, to give a talk to accompany its themed exhibition, Roaming Taiwan: Getting to Know Formosa through Manga. On December 23, 2018, she gave her talk, entitled “10 Colors and 1000 Scenes: AKRU’s Fantasy Worlds,” at the NCL Arts and Audio-Visual Center. In her talk she lifted the veil of mystery surrounding the work of manga artists by giving a practical demonstration of the process of creating a manga, bringing the audience to a deeper understanding of the art.

In her introductory speech, NCL director-general Shu-hsien Tseng reminded the audience that the NCL is a legal repository for manga books. To expand its services to readers, since creating a manga reading section in 2010 the library has held many related exhibitions and lectures. In future, it will continue to hold manga related events to increase interaction between manga readers and authors. 

The auditorium was filled to capacity for AKRU’s talk. To thank them for their enthusiastic support, she presented audience members who had asked questions with personally signed copies of her works, making it an even more special occasion for them.



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