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  • 2019-06-27
NCL Hosts The Sound of Literature: Oral Reading Night at NCL
NCL Hosts The Sound of Literature: Oral Reading Night at NCL

To welcome the coming of World Reading Day on April 23, National Central Library held for the first time on April 19 “The Sound of Literature: Oral Reading Night at NCL” in its Reading Room.


NCL Director-general Tseng Shu-hsien stated that there are endless varieties to reading events; these events help the public come in greater contact literature and understand it at a deeper level. NCL continues to use innovative ways to create new reading experiences for the public, with the hope that so doing will give the public a taste of the joys of reading.


The event utilized a flash mob approach, not having a set place for performances. Readers and performing groups were in various spots in the reading room. The atmosphere was created through lighting, giving those present a surprised and novel feeling. Performances included: Poem Vocal Band used their splendid voices to interpret “Chrysanthemum Terrace” and “The Seasonal Joys of Reading”; renowned authors Yin-di, Lu Han Hsiu, Hao Yu-xiang, and Liao Chi-feng each read some of their works; the Crimson Hall Poetry Society from Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School read modern poems; and as a finale, Professor Yi-kang Feng, founder of Wa-she Cross Talk, read Cao Cao’s “Short Song Style,” causing the event to come to an impassioned climax. In the short hour the event was held, those present were immersed in this unique and memorable literary feast. What a dazzling reading experience for the patrons!


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