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  • 2020-04-13
Knowledge Quick Access Service
Knowledge Quick Access Service

In an effort to help reduce the need to take public transportation and the risk ofcoming to the library during the pandemic, NCL is happy to announce an informationdelivery service called Knowledge Quick Access. Details and explanation of the service are as follows:



(1) How to apply? Fill out the Knowledge Quick Access application form.

(2) Who is this for? The general public andvisiting foreign scholars at the National Central Library.

(3) How long will this service last? From now until 5/31, or longer depending on conditions.

(4) What can be photocopied? Primarily books and periodicals on NCL’s open shelves and in their stacks, as well as dissertations and theses. If the requested material has already been granted permission by the author, it can be scanned and emailed instead.

(5) How long will it take? After an application form is received, the photocopying will be completed within three working days; if the photocopies are to be mailed out, postal delivery will take additional time.

(6) How can I get my documents?

After payment is made, the documents can be retrieved through the following options:

A. At the Knowledge Quick Access window at NCL during normal hours (located at NCL Library Card Service Counter); the notification email or the retrieval number is needed.

B. Expressmail to the applicant's residence.

(7) What else do I need to know?

A. The number of pages requested to be photocopied should conform to copyright laws.

B. If the option to pick up the photocopies at the Knowledge Quick Access window is selected, they must be picked up within seven days of receiving the notification email.

(8) How do I make a payment?

Taiwan users

A. Photocopy fees are NT$2 per page; scanning fees are also NT$2 per page. Payments should be made to National Central Library’s Materials Use Fee Account: 05217303030004. After an application is approved, NCL will notify the applicant via email ortelephone to make a payment. The applicant has three days to do so using one ofthe following methods:

- e-Bill: use a computer (with a card reader) to access e-Bill’s payment website; payments can be made with a debit card with a chip (processing fee is NT$10 per transaction); after making a payment, please notify NCL with the payment confirmation code.

- Taiwan Pay app and the e-Bill app: through the e-Bill or Taiwan Pay apps using the Taiwan Pay mobile debit card (processing fee is NT$10 per transaction); after making a payment, please notify NCL with the payment confirmation code.

B. Mail: Paid for by the applicant using the Cash on Delivery (COD) option for express mail.

★ For Visiting foreign scholars: Please contact the Liaison Division, Center for Chinese Studies at NCL.

Last Update Time:2020-05-08