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  • 2020-09-22
NCL Hosts “Local Memories in Digital Archives: Tamsui Wiki as a Case Study” Lecture
NCL Hosts “Local Memories in Digital Archives: Tamsui Wiki as a Case Study” Lecture

To increase and strengthen the professional acumen of NCL staff and librarians throughout Taiwan in library and information science and in operational knowledge, on August 24 NCL invited Professor Sinn-Cheng Lin from Tamkang University’s Department of Information and Library Science to speak on “Local Memories in Digital Archives: Tamsui Wiki as a Case Study.”


NCL Director-General Shu-hsien Tseng stated in her remarks that each country and even each locale has now started developing and promoting various types of local memory projects. Not only can it preserve precious records and culture of local history and humanities but also through innovation and application can promote local culture and use. This lecture aimed to help NCL staff and other librarians understand how to bring together local memory and community participation by highlighting the process and experience of Professor Lin’s execution of the Tamsui Memory project and the creation of the Tamsui Wiki. This can also aid in the digital preservation of cultural assets and educational promotion, as well as understand core spirit and methods of promoting public history and digital humanities collaboration. Furthermore, he hopes that NCL staff can gain something from the valuable experience and knowledge shared in the lecture, and that it can be effectively applied to the creation and long-term maintenance of NCL’s Taiwan Memory.

During the lecture, Professor Lin began by discussing the basic meaning of digital archives so that the audience clearly understood the three elements of digital archives (users, the system, and content). He tweaked the Five Laws of Library Science to form the Five Laws of Digital Archives and emphasized that digital archives are not only to be used but are also a continuously growing organism. Professor Lin also shared in his lecture that the core values of public history and digital collaboration, as well as how he executed his plan for a Tamsui Memory archive and a Tamsui Wiki. He explained how cross-discipline online community digital collaboration could be used for offline learning and co-creation of digital content. This would promote the long-term preservation of culture, make historical education more widespread, and promote local culture. Professor Lin also shared many different channels and methods for doing so, such as applying multifaceted digital policies, making documentaries, publishing e-books, visiting ancient sites, interviewing the elders in communities, developing VR, and putting on circuit exhibitions. Professor Lin’s lecture was very intriguing, giving the audience a deep understanding of digital archives and examples of integrated promotion across disciplines. It was a great way to end the lecture.

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  •  Professor Lin during his amazing lecture

    Professor Lin during his amazing lecture

  •  A view of the lecture

    A view of the lecture

  •  Director-General led a post-lecture Q&A session

    Director-General led a post-lecture Q&A session