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  • 2020-12-22
Exploring Taiwan's 100 Years of Education: NCL Hosts “Remembering Going to School Interactive Exhibition” Results Presentation
Exploring Taiwan's 100 Years of Education: NCL Hosts “Remembering Going to School Interactive Exhibition” Results Presentation

On November 30, National Central Library hosted a presentation of the results from the Remembering Going to School Interactive Exhibition. At the event, teachers and students from Shih Jien University, Zhongzheng Senior High School, Chenggong High School, Taipei Municipal Zhongshan Girls High School, and Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School observed teaching demonstrations. Those who are concerned about the development of digital humanities in Taiwan libraries were also in attendance.


Remember Going to School! The Four Seasons Symphony of 100 Years of Education Interactive Exhibition was the result of collaborative research by libraries, universities, and high schools. National Central Library Director-General Shu-hsien Tseng stated, This exhibition has received the support of the Ministry of Education's 2019 Funding of Digital Humanities Projects by Social and Educational Institutions. NCL was in charge of the script content, bringing together resources from NCL Taiwan Memory database. Professor Tsun-hung Tsai from Shih Jien University's Department of Communications Design lead the practice group in using Augmented Reality (AR) technology to incorporate the teaching plans and instruction from the unit on “Two Mandarin Movements” from Zhongzheng Senior High School's 2019 New Curriculum Outline's new history curriculum. Students interview previous generations on their experiences in school and engaged in group discussion on national language policies, which was used to help students understand the various aspects of education development in Taiwan over the last 100 years. Director-General Tseng pointed out that through collaboration between libraries, universities, and high schools, an exploration of Taiwan's 100 years of education has enabled NCL to become a learning space in developing innovative digital services. She also encouraged high school students in attendance to continue making use of libraries in the future and accessing the information and services they offer.


During the meeting, Zhongzheng Senior High School teacher Ms. Ching-yu Lin and Taipei Municipal Zhongshan Girls High School Head of the Student Affairs Office Ms. Chia-chuan Chang lead a teaching demonstration for students from Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School, Taipei Municipal Zhongshan Girls High School, Chenggong High School, and Zhongzheng Senior High School. In addition to completing a study course worksheet and an exhibition worksheet and participating in on-site group discussions and group presentations, Prof. Tsun-Hung Tsai, the practice group, and NCL staff mini tour guides, accompanying special guests and students in experiencing the various content of the immersive AR exploration exhibition. After this, the results presentation meeting came to a successful end.


Remembering Going to School interactive exhibition utilized AR technology to bring together an immersive experience into actual environments. The background of the story was a high school classroom during the four periods of Taiwan history (the Japanese occupation, the period of martial law, the post-martial law period, and modern times). AR users played the role of a modern female high school student who travels back to the time of her great grandfather during the Japanese occupation period, the time of her grandfather during the martial law period, and the time of her father during the post-martial law period. She is able to speak and interact with students, teachers, and military instructors from her own perspective, experiencing the different learning atmospheres in the three periods. In addition to the AR experience, there were also actual environments that students could experience: an interactive wall that is turned into a classroom bulletin board. If one touches the wall, a clock on top of the wall will start to turn and on the wall will appear the results of NCL and 100 year old high schools (including Chenggong High School, National Tainan Girls' Senior High School, and Pingtung Girls’ High School) collaboration on digitizing historical items. Next, if one touches the lunchbox on the desk or opens the book bag they will hear music playing. A total of 12 songs were collected from the three historical periods. If the desk drawers are opened, the screen will show textbook images from the three periods that can be written on. The exhibition also has a corresponding book exhibition, displaying the history of various publishers and Chinese textbooks from after modern textbooks were made available.

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  • NCL Director-General Shu-hsien Tseng (middle) and special guests pause for a group photo
    NCL Director-General Shu-hsien Tseng (middle) and special guests pause for a group photo