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  • 2021-02-02
Opening up a new Vision of Life: Seminar on Reading Health Management
Opening up a new Vision of Life: Seminar on Reading Health Management

Jointly hosted by the National Central Library and the Gaya Foundation and organized by the Library of Luminary Buddhist Institute, the Seminar on Reading Health Management took place on 23 October 2020 in the National Central Library’s international convention hall.  Scholars and experts from the medical, academic, and library fields were invited to attend the event to give lectures and practical exchanges, and nearly 200 people concerned about the topic participated.

Director-General Shu-hsien Tseng of the National Central Library said that technology products and e-books have changed reading today. How to improve the body, mind, and soul through reading, especially as the novel coronavirus epidemic spreads around the world and all walks of life are disrupted, and how to enable yourself, society, the economy and other aspects to develop healthily, and the library to become an important field of public life, are matters of concern to everyone.

Venerable Uyin, chairman of the Gaya Foundation and dean of the Luminary Buddhist Institute said that, from the standpoint of the library, in setting out to hold this seminar, how to combine reading with health management was a very important topic. To interpret the day's theme from the perspective of the term zengshang he said, Buddhism has not left the world. The importance of the existence of Buddhism in the world, he said, lay in how to expand the body and mind, extend the life of the body's organs, and improve the quality of the mind. It was hoped, he said, that this seminar would provide a correct reading of the concept of health care management and develop breadth and depth of life horizons.

The seminar included two themed lectures and two discussions. For the lectures, Director Julia Hsu and Deputy Director Dr. Xian-an Zheng of Hualien Tzuchi Hospital Energy Medical Center were invited to lecture on “Improving the Capacity of the Reading Mind: Concentration Management,” and “Reading and Brain Health.” The two lecturers took to the stage at the same time and took turns to speak. Dr. Hsu led the participants in conducting practical exercises. The lectures were combined with practice, enabling participants to put their learning into effect in daily life.

The first theme of the seminar was "Health Management of Libraries and Reading". The content included the promotion of healing reading and bibliographic therapy, the health management of library space, and the creation of a healthy reading environment in the library during epidemic prevention. Professor Su-may Sheih Chen from National Taiwan University’s Department and Graduate Institute of Library and Information Science, Director Yuzhen Hong of Tainan Public Libraries, and Commissioner Yitai Jiang of the Luking Library of Providence University, shared their libraries’ practical experience in promoting healing reading and a healthy and sound reading environment.

The theme of the second seminar was "Reader's Health Management". Focusing on such topics as the healthiness of reading lights, correct reading posture, and doing one’s best not to use 3C equipment. Professor Jwo-Huei Jou from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering of National Tsing Hua University, physiotherapist Wenren Jian from Cathay General Hospital, and Dr. Ying-shan Chen, director of the Department of Ophthalmology at China Medical University Hsinchu Hospital, discussed the above issues and called for public attention to them.

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  •  Commemorative photograph featuring NCL Director-General Tseng (fourth from left) and seminar speakers.

    Commemorative photograph featuring NCL Director-General Tseng (fourth from left) and seminar speakers.