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  • 2011-03-25
The National Central Library and the National Civil Service Institute signed cooperation agreement to promote digital publication

Director-general Tseng ShuHsien was invited to attend the event celebrating the anniversary of the National Civil Service College (NCSC) that took place on the 25th of March. On this occasion, the Executive Chairman and Director of NCSC, Mr. Tsai BiHuang, and Director Tseng signed a cooperation agreement to promote digital publication. This is a step forward in promoting reading and international exchanges that started in the year 2009. After the ceremony, Director-general Tseng in her congratulatory speech expressed special thanks to the National Civil Service Institute for being supportive in the digital publications of the National Library especially by offering their recently published "Yue-lai-yue-you-li” (Reading More, Becoming more Polite) and seven other electronic books. These books are already uploaded in the recently created "E-Publications Platform System". Besides becoming a permanent collection, they are also accessible to national civil service personnel and the public use. This marks the first government agency to deposit e-books with the National Central Library as well as established collection and reading services. Director-general Tseng hopes that this initiative may lead more government agencies to follow suite and work together with the NCL to promote the growth and lifelong learning among our people!

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