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  • 2011-03-10
2011 Taipei International Book Exhibition "Taiwan Plain Aboriginal Tribe; their Life and Pictorial Record" New Book and e-book presentation

In the afternoon of the 14th of February, the NCL,together with Hsiao Lu Publishing House launched the new book : "Taiwan Plain Aborigines Tribe, their Life and Pictorial Record " at the 2011 Taipei International Book Exhibition. The new book has its sources in an ancient collection which is at present in the possession of the Library of Congress. It was fitting that Dr. Song Yuwu, from the Library of Congress Asian Division was invited to attend. NCL Director-General Tseng Shu-hsien remarked that the NCL’s rich collection of ancient books having valorized through digitalization, not only facilitate researchers’ used, it also allow the general public to better understand the value of the national literature. The authorization and the cooperation with the private publishing companies, not only presented the ancient books in a new style and rewritten as children's books, it also coordinated with the school curriculum to produce new designed lesson plans that promote native cultural education for primary schools. In this way, people can have richer reading resources. This is a tremendous help.

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