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  • 2018-06-29
The NCL Hosts a Series of Lectures on “Imagination, Reality, and Memory in the World of Indigenous” Literature
The NCL Hosts a Series of Lectures on “Imagination, Reality, and Memory in the World of Indigenous” Literature

To promote reading in Taiwan, in2012 the National Central Library (NCL) launched its Four Seasons of Readinglectures. Each season, a different theme is chosen for each season, andscholars are invited to give lectures. The 2018 summer lecture series tookplace from May 12 to July 28, with the theme “Imagination, Reality, and Memoryin the World of Indigenous Literature.” The series consists of six Saturdayafternoon lectures, which will be given by seven well-known scholars and authors.Lecture topics such as the development of Taiwanese indigenous literature,poetry and legends, maritime literature, ethnic culture, women’s writing, andmusic creation, will guide the public on a journey, exploring thevariety and rich vitality of indigenous literature.

Thelecture topics are as follows:

May 12 “Singingwith a Pen: The Formation and Development of Indigenous Taiwanese Literature.”Sun Ta-chuan, Vice-President of the Control Yuan, and an associate professor ofthe Graduate Institute of Taiwan Literature, NTU.

May 26 “Myths,Legends, Poetry.” Pu Chung-cheng, Director of the College of IndigenousStudies, National Dong Hwa University.

June  9 “The Ocean Takes Me on a Journey.” SyamanRapongan, author.

June 16 “Your Name: The Many Encounters of Indigenous Literature and Cultural Identity.”Chen Chih-fan, assistant professor of the Institute of Taiwan Literature,National Tsing Hua University.

June 23 “TheFinest Drops of Rain Scatter and Coalesce like Stars: A Survey of ContemporaryIndigenous Women’s Writing in Chinese.” Dong Shu-ming, assistant professor ofthe Department of Chinese Language and Literature, National Taitung University.

June 28 “Passingon Old and Writing New Songs: From the Vinyl Age to the CD Age.” EricScheihagen, radio presenter for Alian 96.3, and Liu Chih-chun, assistantprofessor of the Graduate Institute of Cultural and Educational Management,Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology.



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