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  • 2015-11-19
A Series of Special Exhibition for Celebrating the 80th Anniversary of NCL

 The NCL has particularly planned “A Series of Special Exhibition for Celebrating the 80th Anniversary of National Central Library” that include three exhibitions going on, with the following themes.
“National Libraries around the World,” which displays information on all important national libraries throughout the world; it highlights the progressive image of these libraries, so that the Taiwan public can reference them in planning new our new facilities.
“The Amazing Journey of Knowledge: The History of Books,” which outlines the evolution of books throughout history, and shows developments in Eastern and Western printing; on display are books from the Library’s collection representative of developments in history, done in a unique way to help visitors better understand ancient books. 
“Refining: An Exhibition of National Central Library’s 80 Years of History,” which shows important historical documents from when the Library was first founded as a preparatory office in 1933 to the present. Items from its early days are displayed, such as a wooden inscribed sign that used to hang in the old facilities and an antique typewriter with movable lead type. In addition, audio and video files from the Library’s history will also be on display.

   The NCL desired to show how books have progressed over the course of human history through this special exhibition, and thus put on display world-famous book institutions. Not only did readers in Taiwan walk away with a better understanding of the NCL and other national libraries throughout the world, but also the various materials used in writing books throughout history, the role of libraries in national knowledge education and cultural dissemination. It was a way for those of all walks of life to gain appreciation for the beauty of libraries and to fall in love with reading.

director-generals or deputy director-generals

A group photo of participants and director-generals or deputy director-generals of national libraries throughout the world, visiting the “National Libraries around the World.”

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