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  • 2015-11-19
A Shortcut to Reading: “Evolution in Reading –Enjoying Simultaneous Viewing and Listening” Exhibition

Is reading equivalent to reading a book? Flooded with and immersed in today’s audio-visual materials, reading is no longer just to read a book. Reading is extended to “audio-visual materials.”
“Evolution in reading –enjoying simultaneous viewing and listening” exhibition took visitors to an “audiovisual materials” trip traveling through the rich collection of NCL Arts and Audio Visuals Center 0 to 9 categories. Visitors were guided towards a new horizon, re-experiencing the rich and diverse audio visual materials passing through CD, DVD display areas, language learning zone, movies and documentary films special areas and many other novelties! Besides the exhibition on audio visual materials, there were displays on Digital Audio Visual Archive System as well as the e-newsletter of Arts and Audio Visual Center.
A variety of audio visual storage media such as different sizes of video tapes, laser discs, videodiscs, DVD, vinyl records, cassette tapes, CD collected over the years were also exhibited. One could see the historical development of audio-visual media storage. Of particular interest is the “listening” corner where, surrounded by antique vinyl player and a portrait painted by Professor Chen Jing-Rong of Professor Robert Scholz (1902-1986), one could sit back comfortably in a sofa and quietly enjoy and appreciate the: listening” and “seeing” exhibition. 
The“NCL Digital Audio Visual Archive System” and “NCL Arts and Audiovisual Media Center E-Newsletter”are NCL’s “audio visual materials” services offer to readers worldwide which enable readers to calmly enjoy world affairs without being limited to time and space.

Enjoying Viewing and Listening Exhibition

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