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  • 2015-11-19
Ever Elegant & Refined through the Centuries: Tang and Song Eight Great Masters

The National Central Library and the Taiwan Association for Chinese Studies jointly organized a guided reading seminar on “Ever Elegant & Refined through the centuries: Tang and Song Eight Great Masters”classic series. Six local researchers and professors proficient in Tang and Song literature are invited for this event.
Starting the 17th of August and every Saturday onwards from 2:00 to 4:30 pm, at the NCL International Conference Hall, lectures will be given on ancient Tang-Song literary works. It will be the occasion to introduce and enter into the profound realm of Tang and Sung ancient writings, catching a glimpse of the depths and elegance of the Eight Great Masters that subsist for generations. 

Tang and Song Eight Great Masters

In synchronization with the theme of the lectures, a books and ancient documents exhibition and related activities will be offered for appreciation at the NCL Reading Area as well as at the Rare Book Room. 
To arouse the interest and appreciation among young students in the elegance of the ancient classics and step inside its rich realm through the handing down of written language specifically through the writings of the Eight Tang-Song great masters, a joint roving lecture is organized by the National Ilan University Library and Information Center, Southern Taiwan University of Technology Library, National Chung Cheng University Library, National Taipei University and other organizations.
The National Taichung University of Education Library is also planning a roving seminar of five conferences in the autumn of this year. The Taiwan Association for Chinese Studies also plans to organize four seminars in cooperation and coordination with respective Chinese Departments of Taiwan University, Donghua University, Chung Cheng University.

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