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Floor Plan, Collections, and Services

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  • 2016-04-13
4th Floor (Rare Books、Microfilm/ Microfiche、Internet Resources)

[Rare Books Room][ Microfilm/ Microfiche Reading Room][Internet Resources


[Rare Books Room ]

● About the Collection

  The Rare Books Room is located at 4th floor.This Division is responsible in preservation of and providing access to special collections. The Library holds great diversity of rare materials. Highlights of the special collections include manuscripts, string-bound books, rare books,rare books annotated by famous people, rubbings, calligraphic manuscripts, New Year's paintings, newspapers from the late Ching and early Republican periods, and microfilms of materials excavated from the Tunhuang caves. The books from Sung and Yuan Period are mostly considered as important rare books.Statistics of various rare books are as follows:

  - Sung editions: 174 titles

  - Chin editions: 6 titles

  - Yuan editions: 273 titles

  - Ming editions: approx. 6,000 titles

  - Hand-written originals and annotated editions: approx. 1,000 titles

  - Hand-written transcriptions: approx. 3,000 titles

  - Tunhuang Literary Manuscripts: 153 scrolls

Besides the above collections, there are some old books printed in Korea, Japan, and Vietnam, either generated by wood-boardprinting or by moveable wood-block characters printing. Total volumes are counted as many as 250,000, of which 130,000 volumes were identified as important rare books. The significance of these rare books is that the Library owns most important works of famous literary writers, and may keep different editions of such works, therefore, enables scholars to do comparison studies among different editions. Besides, for the same title, we may find several different duplications, therefore, can identify the original and reprints of awork. Because the collection contains great amount of original manuscripts and first editions of important works, especially that many of them are from Ming Dynasty, the content as well as the imprints are of history study and fine arts value.

In addition to the old rare books collections,the Rare Books Division also keeps some Pre-War materials and contemporary publications including:

  - Old documents (approx. 2,400 items);

  - Taiwan-related publications;- Postcards with early Taiwan images, e.g.,scenic and indigenous peoples images;

  - Rubbings collection;- Reprints of old books;

  - Block print art works

● Services and Facilities

  (1) Open shelves area

      In the open shelves area of Rare Book Room,“Complete Library of the Four Treasuries”(四庫全書) and its related publications, and various bibliographies and catalogs published in Taiwan and China are displayed for users to do researches on old rare books. Users can also find all the books published by the Library on the open shelves.

  (2) Access Services

      In order to well preserve fragile rare books collections, as a principle, users are allowed to use microfilm or digital version of rare books instead of originals. Duplications are allowed only tomake from microfilms or from any form of replications. It is suggested to search at the NCL Catalog to find out available microfilm version of needed rare books, or search for digital images of needed rare books at the Rare Books Images Database (in Chinese).

  (3) Facilities

      There are 5 workstations and 4 printers available at this Rare Books Section. Three workstations are for searching at Chinese and Western-language databases either constructed or subscribed by the NCL. Two of them are for searching for Internet open-access resources.

  (4) Duplication Service

      a. As a principle, it is not allowed to make duplications directly from rare books originals. If need to do so for special reason, users need to apply by a written form but the NCL retain the right to approve or not. When approved by the Division Director, the duplication can be done only by the NCL staff, and only less than 10 pages are allowed to duplicate. Please understand that users are not supposed to ask other people to apply for more duplications for the same book. Violations will cause suspension of NCL user right. Please also understand that approval of such is subject to the book condition.

      b. Copy machine is available in the Rare Books Room but users need to purchase copy card at 3rd floor. Books on the open shelves are allowed to copy but users have to be aware of and conscientiously follow the Copyright Regulations and Terms.

      c. When doing print out from microfilms, it is suggested that users check the printout condition when print out the first page. If the color is uneven, please ask the staff to do adjustment or to replace toner. The microfilm printouts are done by users self-service only.

      d. Charges: Please refer to the NCL Fees Schedule for Copy and Print out. Basically fees and charges are as follows:

     - Print out of general string-bound books:2NTD per page

     - Print out from microfilm by copier: 1NTD perpage

All the printouts are to be charged. Only when a flawed copy was made due to mechanical problem can the fee be waived. However, if the fee has been charged from a pre-paid copy card, it is not waivable. For the form(s) mentioned above, please download from Duplication Request Form (odt).

● Service Hours

   (1) Opening Hours:

      Tuesday-Saturday: 9:00-17:00

   (2) Retrieval Services

       a. Microfilms/ Microfiche: Tuesday-Saturday:9:00-12:30 ; 13:30-16:30

       b. Closed Stacks Books: Tuesday-Friday:9:00-11:30 ; 13:30-16:30

※ On Saturdays, users can only use microfilms. If a user need to use string-bound books, it is necessary to place a reservation request beforehand. For more information, please call (02)2361-9132 Ext. 406.

[ Microfilm/ Microfiche Reading Room ]

● About the Collection

   The Microfilm/ Microfiche Reading Room is located at the 4th floor of the Library, providing facilities for users to use microfilms and microfiche. This microfilm/ microfiche collection contains the following important materials:

   -- Academic journals published in China before 1940;

   -- Journals transferred from the International Library of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay;

   -- Important Newspapers Published in Taiwansince Japanese Occupation Period;

   -- China/ Taiwan-Related Historical Old Documents and Archives Published by IDC;

   -- New York Times Published from 1924;

   -- Collected Business Report;

   -- Taiwan genealogies Held at the Genealogical Society of Utah (GSU).

● Services

  (1) Microfilms and Microfiche

      The microfilms and microfiche collections are preserved at temperature and humidity controlled environment. After searched at the NCL Catalog and have identified needed microfilm or microfiche, users can apply for the needed materials at Microfilm/ Microfiche Reading Room at 4th floor of the NCL. There are 6 microfilms and microfiche readers with adjustable lenses and one printer in this room.

   (2) Taiwan genealogies DVDs

       The NCL has digitized all the microfilms ofthe Taiwan genealogies held at the Genealogical Society of Utah (GSU). Catalog of this collection could be searched at the Taiwan Memory( Users can request for needed DVDs according to theDVD Number shown in the catalog.

● Service Hours

   (1) Opening Hours of the Microfilm/ Microfiche Reading Room:

       Tuesday-Sunday: 9:00-17:00

   (2) Retrieval Service:Tuesday-Sunday: 9:00-16:30

[ Internet Resources Search Area ]

● Facilities

  This Internet Resources Search Area is equipped with 23 computers for the NCL users to access to the Internet resources.

● Guidelines for Using the Computers

  In this Internet Resources Search Area, users have to register in the Reservation System and reserve for a specific computer before using. Please follow the guidelines as stated below when using the computer.

  (1) The facilities provided in this area are for searching Internet academic or reference resources.

  (2) Using time period for each reservation is 30 minutes. A user is allowed to reserve for 2 time period at a time.

  (3) Users can only reserve a using time period for the day he/ she will use. ● Service Hours Tuesday-Saturday: 9:00-21:00;Sunday: 9:00-17:00

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