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National Central Library's Omamori of Wenchang-Jun [Animated Edition]


PublishTime: 2016-11-07

Price: 80(NT)

Size: 4×6(cm)


National Central Library presents the animated edition of Wenchang-Jun. The formal name is Wenchang Dijun (Chinese: 文昌帝君), who is well known as one of the Chinese Ancient Gods in charge of Culture and Literature. Wenchang-Jun wears the Chinese traditional scholar hat that symbolizes wisdom. In the left hand, he holds the book represents abundant thoughts. The writing brush in the right hand means writing with inspirations. Wenchang-Jun stands by you to confront every challenge in exams or studies and helps you to achieve excellent performance, just like National Central Library is always here to support you.


(1)7-color knitting front and back

(2)With internal pocket for blessing notes. Good as a present or as one's own enjoyment

(3)Japanese-style ribbon knot use for tying to bags or other belongings.

(4)Environmental friendly package with Kraftpaper envelope, hand-stamped NCL title and icon

(5)Enclosed with a memo card of animated Wen-chang-Jun. Can be used as a bookmark in you favorite books.