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Shi Zhu Zhai Shu Hua Pu)Glass Decorative Plate/Cherish the Splendid Blossoms


PublishTime: 2017-08-04

Price: 330元(NT)

Size: W12.8XH12.8cm


Jieziyuan huazhuan (Manual of the Mustard Seed Garden) by Wang Gai and his brothers. Qing dynasty (1701). Color printed edition. (NCL item number 25546)

This set of manual of Chinese painting is divided into three parts: the first part begins with the basic painting skills of color and brushwork to techniques of figures and scenes painting; the second is drawing of orchids, plums, bamboo and chrysanthemums; the third is on the themes of plants, insects, flowers, birds and animals. The use of color in this manual is elaborate, making the paintings vivid and pleasant.