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Instructions of Major systems

Users have to register for membership of the NDLTD in Taiwan database system to download the OA(Open Access) electronic files of theses and dissertations, i.e., those that have received open access release agreement from authors. Registered users are also allowed to use the “My Lab” utility provided by the system to manage bibliography for his/ her researches, and to utilize the available subscription functions.

NCL has many types of audio-video materials, and starting in 2002, the digitization of these materials began. In addition to digitizing its own audio-visual materials, NCL also worked with TV and radio stations to digitize and preserve historically significant audio-visual materials. Some of the most noteworthy include daily news from Taiwan Television Enterprise (TTV) from 1962 to 2011, as well as recordings of important political and economic figures from the 1910s to the 1980s. Readers can visit DAVA from any device with any modern web browser.


This is the most comprehensive database for academic periodical literature of all subject fields of Taiwan. Users all over the world can access to those articles/ periodicals that have received OA release agreement from authors or publishers. However, for the articles/ periodicals that have been digitized yet have not had the OA permission from authors/ publishers, or for the articles/ periodicals that have not been digitized, users have to come to the Library, the National Central Library in person, or, place an Interlibrary Loan Request for the needed article(s).

This is an index and citation database for searching for Taiwan humanities and social sciences literature. Users can equally access to all the bibliographic information contained in the database no matter if he/ she has registered for membership or not. However, users who have registered for membership are allowed to utilized “My Research” utility provided by the TCI-HSS to manage bibliography for his/ her researches, and to utilize the available subscription functions.

This is an Online Gazette database system provides both keyword-search and browse-search functions. Users can do searches in the following ways: (1) Enter the search query in the search box on the homepage, (2) Click the “Basic Search” or "Advanced Search" on the left panel and then start doing searches, (3) Click the Gazette Titles (e.g., Gazettes of Presidential Office, Gazettes of the Five Yuans, Gazettes of Local Government Agents, etc.), then browse issue by issue chronologically. This Gazette Online database system provides full-text images for all of the gazette records, however, only the landing page provides bilingual interface (Chinese/ English). Most of the gazettes are in Chinese.

The content  of “Taiwan Memory” database contains precious materials, such as books, documents, historical materials, pictures and photographs. Searching functions provided by the “Taiwan Memory” include the follows: (1) searching for materials in “Dataset”, (2) searching for special events in “Records of Events” (3) exploring by “Story Map” and “Exhibitions Online”.

After the preliminary search, the Post Analysis are provided for browsing regarding people, place, keywords, etc. The other way to view the resources with a definite geographic area is clicking the “Location” on the right of the homepage. Then click the “Dataset” on the left column, the map would show balloons and numbers in terms of associated resources.

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