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Readers Services

There are two options for users to get wireless connection in the Library. Users can switch between the two options according to his/ her search needs:

(1) ncl_reader: This option only allows users to access .edu/ .org/ .gov domain websites; not allows searches by Yahoo or Google search engines.

(2) iTaiwan: This option allows users to do searches by Yahoo or Google search engines but not allows to access the subscribed databases. This is because that users setup connections by iTaiwan are detected as none-NCL users, therefore, are not allowed to use the NCL subscribed databases.

To setup connections by iTaiwan, it is necessary to register at If a user has already applied for a Taipei Free account, it is also possible to setup connection by iTaiwan using the Taipei Free account.

For more information, please refer to Wireless Connection and Setup

In the NCL Main Library, users can purchase pre-paid copy card at the 3rd floor service counter, or ask the staff at that service counter to solve the copy machine problems. The pre-paid copy card is good for making copies by copy machine or for printing out needed pages from databases. Copy machine(s) are facilitated at each room and reading area. And, in the Periodicals Room at 3rd floor, there are computers connected to printer for users to print out the needed pages or articles. In the NCL Arts and Audiovisual Center, there is color copier available for users. It is possible either to pay with prepaid copy card or to pay cash in the NCL Arts and Audiovisual Center. Please be aware that the copyright law of Taiwan (R.O.C.) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. The person using such equipment is liable for any infringement.

The NCL Website includes a Knowledge-based Reference System which allows users to turn in Online Reference Inquiry Form (the form is in Chinese for the time being). Depends on the varied level of difficulty of the asked reference question, it takes 1-5 days to response to user’s reference question.

The following kinds of questions are excluded from the scope of this service:

(1) help with school assignments, tests, award-winning quiz games, riddles games;

(2) lawsuit and medical counseling;

(3) appraisal of antiques, artwork;

(4) translation of letters, documents;

(5) mathematics and statistics problems;

(6) private & personal problems.

The NCL provides domestic and international interlibrary book loan and photocopy (ILL) services for users. Any NCL Library Card holder is eligible to use this service. For more information, please contact (Domestic ILL) or (International ILL).

Any NCL Library Card holder is eligible to use the library's interlibrary loan (ILL) service.  When assisting a patron to acquire materials from other institutions, the NCL will not charge fees but the patron has to pay for the fees charged by the lending/photocopy providing institutions.

Please come to the Service Counter at 3rd floor with the flawed card. It is possible to return the card or get exchanged with a signed photocopy of his/ her NCL Library Card.

Among the digital resources provided by the NCL, there are copyrighted materials that restrict users to be within the NCL IP domain or registered NCL members. With the iNCL membership account, users could have the following privilege:

(1) To download the full-text image file of theses/ dissertations that the authors have signed open access agreement from the NDLTD Database System.

(2) To use the NCL subscribed E-books/ E-journals that restrict users to be registered NCL members, for example, the English Studio Classroom.

(3) To “borrow” E-books from the NCL E-Books ATM System.

(4) To “borrow” the E-books in the E-Publication Platform System (EPS) that the publishers have signed open access agreement.

(5) To participate in the e-learning education programs in the NCL E-LEARNING CAMPUS.

The Registry Page is in Chinese only for the time being. Applicants need to enter his/ her valid E-mail account, birthdate, etc. After all the columns have been filled out and successfully sent out the application, it is necessary to check your E-mail to get the Verification Mail. In the mail, just follow the instruction to get verified and complete the application procedure. If the Verification Mail is no found, please check the TRASH mails because some e-mail utilities may filter the Verification Mail as trash mail.

Basically, anyone who is eligible to apply for an NCL Library Card is qualified to apply for iNCL membership. Either Taiwan people or non-citizen of Taiwan can apply. Please refer to FAQ 2-1 to learn about eligibilities. The applicants need not to come to the Library in person but can complete application procedure online.

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