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Readers Services

There are 32 research carrels in the National Central Library for those who need to use the NCL collections to do researches. User can process Research Carrel Online Application or apply in person.

When apply in person, please fill out and turn in the Research Carrel Application Form (in the Attachment) to the Information Service Counter.

Required Documents:

(1)   Research project title and abstract (about 1,000 words), library’s collections / databases you need to use.

(2)   Valid Identification document (ex. certified document or copy of student ID card, teacher ID card, employee ID card and government-commissioned research project)

National Central Library will assign available time slot to the applicants after reviewing the document in the following order:

(1)   Time sequence of applying date

(2)   doctoral student

(3)   master’s student

(4)   government-commissioned research project researcher

National Central library will inform starting date by e-mail.

Each approved application allows maximum of 2 months privilege to use the research carrel. When need to use for longer, it is necessary to re-apply with all required documents as stated above. However, approval of re-application is subject to the availability of research carrels. Applicants will be notified of the result by e-mail.

There are 2 Group Discussion Rooms in the National Central Library for group of users to conduct group study and discussion using the Library’s resources. Please note that reservation for Group Discussion Room should meet the following requirements: 

(1) Eligibility: The applicant has applied an NCL Library Card (Temporary Library Card is not acceptable).

(2) The anticipated users should be at least 3 people. Only when at least 3 people present their NCL Library Card would they be admitted to user the Group Discussion Room. All the people who are going to use the room have to present their NCL Library Card and enter birth date.

(3) The room allows 8 people at most.

(4) Application: Users can apply in person at the General Information and Circulation/ Reference Services desk/ Periodicals Reading Room Service Counter in the Library, or process an online application.

(5) Online application procedure:

At Book a Group Discussion Room application interface,

a. Booking, Available Hours, Cancel.

b. Login – please input your Identification Card number.

c. Select a group room.

d. Select a period of time.

e. Finish.

Library tours are for groups of more than 10 eligible NCL users (age 16 and above, if not, have to have registered as high school or vocational school students). A complete NCL library tour takes 2 hour. To apply, please download application form from NCL Website, send back filled out form to the follows:

(1) Fax: 02-23815319

(2) E-mail:

Paid parking is available in an underground garage at National Central Library. Entrance of the garage is at the Zhongshan South Road. Parking rate is NT$50. each following specific time period:

Tuesday-Saturday: 09:00- 13:00; 13:00- 17:00; 17:00- 20:50. Sunday: 09:00- 13:00; 13:00- 17:00.

(Parking rate change will be announced at the NCL Website only. The parking rate is subject to change without notice.)

The available parking space is quite limited in NCL underground garage. When it is full, it is suggested to use the nearby underground garage at National Theater and Concert Hall (Address: Address: No. 21-1, Zhong-Shan S Rd. Telephone: (02)3393-9888)

The National Central Library accepts wide range of books and materials, for example, books and materials concerning South-East Asian Studies, East Asian Studies, new immigrants, the arts, etc. in any formats including rare books, hand-written materials, manuscripts, out-of-print books, religious books, genealogies, conference proceedings, posters, audio-visual materials, etc. are all very much welcome. We also welcome information about potential gift books donors. Please contact Collection Development and Bibliographic Management Division of the Library at: +886-2-23619132 Ext. 135, 133.

The NCL Activity Registry System lists all the forthcoming activities. The list provides information such as name and date/ time of the activities, number of seats available for the lecture/ speech activity, number of patrons who have registered, number of patrons on waiting list, available time to do online registration, etc. From this registry system, patrons can also link to the introduction pages about the activities.

There is an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) emergency kit equipped by the Library Card Application Service Counter near the Main Entrance of the NCL. This emergency kit is devised with easy-to-follow voice instruction.

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