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Readers Services

In the area specifically for using personal laptops in the B1 Study Room, and at some seats in other reading area, there are electricity outlets for user to use. However, when taking such seats and use personal laptops, tablets, or mobile phones, users should be considerate for others, i.e., not to access to illegal websites, playing games, chatting, processing business activities, etc.

The Copyright Law of Taiwan (R.O.C.) and of the countries that the NCL subscribed databases/ purchased books from is quite strict about ‘fair use’ of copyrighted materials. The making of photocopies or other reproductions allows only very limited pages/ parts of an item. USB flash drive allows vast amount of storage thus is very likely to cause copyright infringement. The NCL therefore decided to take this policy to prevent unwanted infringement.

At right side of the lobby area, there are 835 normal size lockers and 4 big size lockers, free of charge, are available for users to store personal belongings. Users can freely use normal size lockers but need to deposit ID to use big size locker. All lockers are provided for use on the first-come, first-served basis. All lockers will be cleaned up each day after the Library is closed. Users are supposed to empty the used locker before leaving the Library. Anything left in the locker after the Library is closed will be disposed without exceptional consideration.

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