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Users are not allowed to talk on mobile phone inside the Library. There are courtesy reminders regarding this rule in the lobby area, on the Bulletin Boards, and on study tables. When there is someone talking on mobile phone, library staff would approach to him/ her to stop so that we can maintain a good reading environment for all people.

The National Central Library is the legal depository library and bears a mission to conserve and safeguard the deposit materials. On the other hand, there are limited seats in the Library. Therefore, the seats should be reserved for the users using the Library’s materials but not for people who only want to do study of his/ her own materials. Hence, the Library has certain restrict on carry-in things. The allowed backpacks and handbags are restricted as the following sizes:

(1) Laptop Bag: not to exceed 42x32x10cm.

(2) Backpack and handbag: not to exceed 30x21cm.

Users carry backpack or handbag into the Library should open the backpack/ handbag to let the checkpoint staff examine the items in it. Likewise when leaving.

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