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Guidelines for Use of Computers in NCL

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Rules for Patron Computer Use at National Central Library 

As ratified in the 8th Meeting of Library Operations of 2015 on October 8 

1. National Central Library, as a service to patrons, has installed computer equipment in the Library for searching for books, academic resources, and information on the Internet. The Library also allows patrons to bring their own portable computers. Rules regarding computer use are specified as follows to ensure a fair and safe environment. 

2. Patrons can use Library computers and peripherals free of charge; consumables such as paper for printing and copying are paid for as used. 

3. When using computer equipment that requires patrons to register before use, patrons should use their own Library Card to register; allotted use time depends on the location of the computer. Computers with no registry requirement are free for use. Priority seats should be given priorities to aged senior citizens or users with disabilities. 

4. Use of Library computers requires adherence to thefollowing:

a) Computer use should be quiet, following access protocols and rules.

b) Should patrons encounter any problems caused by computer hardware or software, a member of the library staff should be notified. Do not attempt to repair, or the user would be liable for any unexpected damage from the repair. 

5. Patrons using Library computers must adhere to the rules of information ethics. The following behaviors are not permitted:

a) damaging computers, internet, peripherals, or servers, or changing computer settings

b) installing or disseminating malware

c) connecting non-Library hardware to Library computers

d) playing online games, gambling, chatting, making online friends, spreading rumors, etc.

e) viewing pornography or viewing websites, files, etc. that are detrimental to public order and moral standards

f) engaging in any online business activities

g) bothering other patrons

h) any other activities or behavior that would jeopardize internet safety or library environment and atmosphere. 

When any violation of these rules occurs, the library staff could ask the patron to present his/her NCL Library Card, and record the infraction on his/ her patron’s record. User privileges will be suspended for three months if a second infraction occurs. 

6. Patrons can bring in portable computer devices, but are responsible for needed power themselves. Care and safety of any personal devices are of the patron’s own responsibility. 

7. Patrons using their own computer devices should turn off the volume and lightly use the keyboard or touch-sensitive screens, so as not to disturb the right of others having a conducive reading environment. 

8. These rules are effective from October 8, 2015, the date being approved at the Meeting of Library Operations.

Last Update Time:2024-01-03