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Legal Depository

all formally published materials including books (either in printed or electronic format), periodicals, newspapers, audio-visual materials, and all other kinds of formally published electronic publications are supposed to deposit to the National Central Library 

According to the Library Law in Taiwan, formally published electronic books are also within the scope of the legal deposit policy. However, the follows are excluded from the scope: documents distributed over the Internet, personal digital files, documents on the electronic bulletin, e-mail correspondence, advertisements, private communications, various kinds of software, search engines, online computer games, and online databases. 

According to the Article 15 of the Library Law, the person or institution designated as the “publisher” of a publication is responsible to comply with the Law and to fulfill the deposit obligation. A designated “publisher” could be any of the follows: a government agency (institution), a school, an individual, a corporation, a juridical person, an organization, or a publisher, etc.

(1) For hardcopy books and periodicals, e-books and e-journals on disks (DVD, VCD, etc.), audio-visual materials, newspapers, etc., please send a copy of the published item, either by postal service or in person, along with the Deposit Copy Submission Form to the Division of Collection Development and Bibliographic Management of the National Central Library. (Address: Division of Collection Development and Bibliographic Management, National Central Library. No. 20 Zhongshan S. Rd., Taipei 10001, Taiwan, R.O.C.)

(2) For electronic publications, please upload the electronic publication to the National Central Library Electronic Publication Platform Systems (EPS,

According to the Term 5 of the “National Central Library Rules for Legal (Depsit),” a copy of a newly published books, audio visual materials, and digital publications should be deposited to the National Central Library within 30 days after they are published. For periodicals and newspapers, the deposit should be done within 14 days.

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