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Friendly Services for persons with disabilities & senior citizens

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Friendly Services for Users with Disabilities and Aged Senior Citizens

The National Central Library (NCL) provides following friendly services for users with disabilities and aged senior citizens:

1. Facilities: Ramp, courtesy ring, courtesy parking space, priority reading seats, courtesy computer seats, priority audience seats, wheelchair-accessible restroom, wheelchair elevator.

2. When user with disabilities or aged senior citizen needs help, please feel free to use the courtesy ring or stop by the service counters to signal the Library staff. Please refer to Floor Layout of NCL Main Library to learn about the locations of courtesy ring and other friendly facilities.

3. The NCL staff may guide such users to a definite resource area or special collections room.

4. To provide friendly services for people with disabilities and for aged senior citizens to access to digital resources, the Library has reserved some Priority Computer Seats for such users to utilize both academic and Internet resources. Although such computer seats may also available for other users to reserve and use, whenever there is/ are aged senior citizens or user(s) with disabilities need to use such priority computer seats, library staff may advice current user(s) to yield the seat.

5. The NCL would make the newly produced education films as audio-video films with subtitles texts.

6. For the lectures held by the NCL, the Library would convert the videos of the lectures into MP3 files (mostly in Chinese) for easy access. 


Last Update Time:2021-04-29