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Wireless Connection and Setup

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Using Wireless Services in NCL

The NCL provides two free Wi-Fi connection options for users within the library reading area. Please select the appropriate option according to the type of information you need to access.

OptionType of Information to AccessUsable Location
  • This is the NCL Wireless Service specifically for connectivity to access the e-resources that designated as 「Accessible Only within NCL.」
  • The connection might become unsteady to access to the e-resources that are 「Accessible Only within NCL」 due to overload simultaneous use. In this case, you may try to move to different area of the library, or switch to use iTaiwan Wireless Service and change to use non-restricted resources for the moment.
Reading Area within NCL Main Building
NCL Arts and Culture Center
iTaiwanThis wireless service is provided by Chunghwa Telecom. You need to take this option when want to access to Internet information through Yahoo, Google, YouTube, etc.
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Reading Area within NCL Main Building
NCL Arts and Culture Center

Last Update Time:2022-06-29