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Privacy Policy

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Dear Friends,
   Welcome to the National Central Library Websites. In order to ensure your privacy, the NCL Websites has established a privacy policy for its Websites. The following will detail the NCL Websites' policies and principles. Please read it carefully.
1.According to “Personal Information Protection Act”, NCL websites will not collect users’ information unless users agree.
2.While you are browsing the NCL Websites, the server will automatically produce a log file. This file includes your IP address, duration of visit, browser version used, and records of your browsing and clicking behavior. Information about pages viewed and time spent on-site is used to improve the quality of the NCL Websites' offerings and service.
3.Personal information entered on various forms on NCL websites are used for administrative purposes only.
4.To protect users’ privacy, NCL reserves the right to amend this policy.


Last Update Time:2017-04-24