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Research Carrels

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Research Carrels Policy and Guidelines

The individual Research Carrels are located at the 5th and 6th Floor of the Main Library building of the National Central Library. Please read the following instructions before apply.

1. Eligibility:
Anyone who wants to apply for an individual Research Carrel must meet the following two requirements:

(1) The applicant has applied an NCL Library Card (Temporary Library Card is not accepted).
(2) The applicant must provide evidential documents showing that he/ she is conducting a research either for writing degree dissertation/ theses, or for conducting research project(s) approved and sponsored by governmental institutions. Evidential documents include a formal accepted research project and the Abstract of it, and a valid Citizen Identification or Student Identification. The approval and provision of a Research Carrel is based on whether or not it is necessary for the applicant to use the NCL library’s materials to do researches, and based on the order of application.

2. Using Period for Each Application:
Each application allows using a research carrel for 2 months. It is not renewable for extension. A research carrel user has to  re-apply should he/ she need to use for longer term.

3. Application Procedure: 
Applicants need to fill out an application form and provide his/ her NCL Library Card for the NCL staff to verify personal information. When the Library has completed the approval procedure, the applicant will be notified the assigned carrel and the starting date for use through E-mail or telephone.

4. Termination of the Privilege:
If the applicant failed to come to the Library for 7 days after he/ she had been notified of the approval, or if the usage is less than one third of the Library’s opening days, the privilege will be terminated.

5. Inquiries and Application:
Please stop by the General Information and Circulation Counter at the 2nd Floor of the NCL Main Library. For more information, please call +886-2-2361-9132 Ext 213/ 204.

6. Opening Hours of the Research Carrels:
Same with the NCL Main Library Building hours.

7. Carrel Use Guidelines:
(1) Research Carrels are for applicants himself/ herself to use only. Using right is not transferable.
(2) Research Carrels are individual rooms, allowing only one person (the applicant) to stay in the carrel.
(3) Food and beverage are not allowed to bring into the carrel.
(4) Please do not make noise or play music so that the neighbors will not be disturbed.
(5) It is not allowed to hang curtains or blinds, or post papers or posters on the glass window.
(6) Users are responsible for maintaining the carrel in a clean and undamaged condition.

8. Return of the Research Carrel Key:
On the last day of use, a user is supposed to clean up the carrel, and the Research Carrel key must be returned to the General Information and Circulation Counter.

9. Violations and Penalties: 
Violation of Library Directions or Carrel Use Guidelines may lead to immediate termination of carrel privileges.

Last Update Time:2021-08-04