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Information Security Policy

「In order to provide users with the right to choose the instrument software, this document is open for the ODF file format, it is recommended that you install the free open source software ( Libreoffice ) or to your usual The software opens the file.」
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The uploading or alteration of services or information on this website without the authorization of the National Central Library (NCL) is prohibited and may be illegal.

1.Website security protection measures

(1)Network intrusion monitoring and network flow control are used to prevent unauthorized attempts to upload, change or deliberately destroy information on the NCL website.

(2)Firewalls are installed to prevent illegal intrusion, damage or theft of data and other illegal uses of the website.

(3)Anti-virus software is installed and virus checks are conducted regularly to provide users with a safe web browsing environment.

(4)Data is regularly backed up on a dedicated server.

(5)The NCL installs all appropriate system patches as notified by providers of operating system and application software.

2.User Self-protection Measure

Please do not disclose your password or other personal information to others. If you share a computer with another person or are using a public computer, remember to close the browser after each session to prevent others from accessing your account.

3.Revisions to Security Policy

The NCL reserves the right to amend this Security Policy as needed to protect the security of your personal information.

Last Update Time:2016-05-05