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Library Tour at NCL

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The National Central Library provides library tour with the purpose to enhance users understanding about the resources, facilities, and services of the Library. The library tours are for group of eligible users (users aged 16 and above, or registered high school/vocational school students) with at least 10 people, and will be in Chinese.

1. Available Library Tour Hours:
(1)Tue.-Fri.: 09:30-11:30,14:00-16:30 (No service on Mondays and National Holidays)

(2)Sat.-Sun.:no library tour, but NCL can have flexible arrangement according to the type of group.(No service on National Holidays)

2. About NCL Library Tour:
One tour takes about 60 minutes. The library tour guide will introduce the collections and reading rooms of the Library, and the way to get access to different collections/ resources.

3. How to Apply:
We suggest that the application should be processed two week ahead of the anticipated library tour date. 

4. Cancelling of the Application:
When need to cancel the approved scheduled tour, the applicant should inform the NCL staff at least 2 weeks before the scheduled day. If the applicant failed to do so twice, his/ her application will not be accepted in the same year.

5. Important Reminders:
All members in the group are supposed to be committed to the NCL Reader Service Directions. After the library tour is finished, all the people in the group should leave the Library all together. Anyone who wants to use the library should re-enter the Checkpoint of the Library with his/ her NCL Library Card.

6. Exceptions:
The Library retains the right to decide whether or not to accept the application. Besides, the library staff in charge of the tour may adequately change the divisions and things to introduce according to the background and actual needs of the group.

Last Update Time:2021-08-04