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  • 2019-09-09
CALL FOR PROPOSALS, International Conference of Gendering Transformations: Feminist Knowledge Production and Trans/national Activist Engagement

Venue:National Central Library, Taiwan

October28-30th, 2020 



        Thisconference focuses on the strategies for and complexities in feministtransformative practices at local, regional, national and transnational levels.Critical engagements with the possibilities and limitations of transformation –of differences that make a difference - through intersectional perspectives areimportant and timely in the face of a series of global challenges and crises,such as economic and ecological crisis, refugee crisis, ageing society,increased inequalities and polarization of the society. It is crucial to asknot only the how of the transformations, but also who are the driving forcesbehind the transformations, and how the feminist movements are positioned inthese transformations from different geopolitical locations. To address thesequestions, it is also necessary to include a continued discussion on therelationship and dynamics between feminist academic and activist practices. Theaim of the conference is to explore the complexities of power relations at workin the multiple modalities of feminist academic and activist engagements. Theconference invites papers on a wider array of topics related to knowledgeproduction, activism, trans/national feminist movements, solidarity andgendering transformations.

        Theconference will be a much needed gathering of socially-concerned scholars andactivists who are thinking about and interfering into the intersectionalinequalities, injustices, and exploitations. We invite gender studies scholarswho are working within and across a number of disciplines, methodologies andintellectual traditions. At the same time, we welcome the individualpresentations and panels proposed by the activists who are dealing withquestions and issues of great relevance for the local, regional and thetrans/national situations in which they are operating. The conference willfocus primarily, but not exclusively on the Sino-Nordic regions, and we warmlyinvite scholars and activists who are coming from and/or working on women's andfeminist experiences and challenges faced in a number of different geopoliticallocations.

The conference offers parallel streams of thethematic workshops and round tables. We aim at a flexible model where differentformats are use for different types of topics and discussions. We are pleasedto invite colleagues to submit proposals for Organized Panels, Roundtables,Workshops, and Individual Paper proposals.


1.     Feminist Knowledge Production and AcademicFreedom

2.     State, Region, Globalization

3.     Gender Transformation and Youth

4.     Feminist Re/writing of History andLiteratures

5.     Migration Processes /Race/Gender/Class

6.     Gender, Economy, Work and Welfare

7.     Activism out and in of UN

8.     Gender, Intimacy, Form and Affect

9.     Gender and Technology

10.   Gender, Knowledge and the Broader Public:Library, Art, Museum

Deadline forSubmission of Abstracts: 31st January 2020

The abstractshould be in English and have a length of approximately 150 words.

The languageof the conference will be English.

MoreInformation about the conference and proposal submission on: or E-mail:


Last Update Time:2019-09-09
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