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  • 2009-05-21
Daily Advance Notice of New Publications in Taiwan

In July 1989 the NCL assumed the responsibility over ISBN affairs for new publications in Taiwan. In February of the following year, the ISBN Center was formally established. At the same time, the ISBN Center has been promoting CIP operations for nearly 20 years. During this time, the center has assigned ISBNs for about 675,000 new books from over 18,000 publishers. The ISBN Center publishes the bibliographic information for new books registered by publishers (including publishing houses, government institutions, academic organizations and individuals) for ISBN/CIP on the "ISBNnet," New Books: Recent Publications in Taiwan, ROC, and "ISBNnet News." Such information includes a classified catalog, book introductions, book reviews, reader comments, and children's book reviews. The center also provides comments on award-winning books and selects representative annual reference works and the top representative Taiwan publications of the year, in addition to various other new book information services. In January 2009, the center further expanded its service scope with the launch of the "Daily CIP Information Service," as described below: 1. The Daily CIP Information Service is based on bibliographic information for new book provided by Taiwan publishers to the ISBN Center for ISBN/CIP registration. The system provides regularly scheduled information on upcoming publication based on subjects selected by users to serve as a reference for reading and purchasing. 2. Reading subjects (interests) are divided "General Public" and "Academic/Professional" versions. The "General Public" version, includes seven major subject categories, including Taiwan studies, religion and art, finance and business, food and health, daily art, literature, and non-literature. On the "Academic/Professional" version, readers can choose from 1,000 classifications based on the Chinese Classification Scheme. 3. The basic information provided by the service initially will include the "official publication (market) date" and complete CIP information provided by publishers on the "New Book Announcement (Information Card)." This information is delivered to service subscribers by e-mail. 4. Bibliographic information provided under the CIP service include the title, author, edition, publisher (abbreviation), anticipated (official) publication date, ISBN and classification number. The service also provides a link to the ISBN Center ISBNnet. The bibliographic information is preceded by a "☆" symbol for publications that are already published and available on the market. 5. In order to maintain the quality of the CIP Information Service, the ISBN Center urges applicants to fill in the ISBN/CIP application form with the name of the final, type-set publication title and content of the colophon, including the correct title, author name, the month and year of the anticipated publication date and other information. Service Subscription and Assistance 1. Visit the service "Daily Advance Notice of New Publications Service " website at: 2. Click the link in the "Subscribe to the CIP Information Service." Fill in your email address and log-on password and then click "Sign Up." 3. Enter the information under "Enter/Change Personal Information" and then click "Save Changes." 4. You will soon receive a confirmation email. Click on the included link to complete the confirmation process. 5. If you wish to change your log-on password, email address or reading subjects, log onto the service and click "Change Personal Information." After making the changes, make sure to click "Save Changes." If you have questions regarding entry of subscription information, please contact our service personnel by phone or email: Daily CIP Information Support: (02) 2361-9132 ext. 250; email:; For inquiries about ISBN/CIP applications, please call: (02) 2361-9132 ext. 701~706 or email: (Tseng Kun-hsien)

Last Update Time:2009-05-21