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  • 2023-04-06
2022 Peter Rabbit Exhibition Held at National Central Library

2022 happened to be the 120th anniversary of the publication of The Tale of Peter Rabbit and the National Central Library especially collaborated with to hold the National Central Library Select Exhibition on the 120th Anniversary of the Classic Adventure Story, The Tale of Peter Rabbit. The event was held from 10th November through 11th December in the second floor lobby of Building Two of the National Central Library and exhibited commemorative Peter Rabbit 120th anniversary coins, classic illustrations and exquisite collection items.


The Tale of Peter Rabbit was published to substantial acclaim in 1902. Its author was Beatrix Potter. Ms. Potter wrote and illustrated a series of

23 classic stories that have been handed down to our times and enjoy a venerable status in the world of children’s literature and highly acclaimed artistic value. It is not only children who love these sweet and amusing characters. Even adults are deeply captivated by their beautiful illustrations and pithy texts! Ms. Potter was good at observing and recording with brushes and words the things she saw and heard, and depicting the animals, plants and scenery she loved. Taking Britain’s nineteenth century Lake District as her setting, she combined Victorian clothing, customs and the popular social activities of the time to share with children the pristine aspirations of her stories, adding imagination and drama and creating fairy tales that are popular with adults and children alike.


National Central Library Director-General Shu- hsien Tseng, in order to let everyone know about the charm of the Peter Rabbit series of stories, especially invited children’s literature researcher Shih-Ying Chuang on 20th November to lead everyone toward a deep understanding of Beatrix Potter. The story behind Potter’s life and creation: on December 4th, it was arranged for Chia-Ching Yeh, a senior children’s reading promoter, to share the skills of leading children in reading classic stories and learning how to bring children into fairy tale situations.

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