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Readers Services

(1) Books, periodicals, academic bulletins, newspapers. Major collections are in Chinese.

(2) Theses and dissertations of universities in Taiwan.

(3) Reference books, maps and atlas.

(4) String bound old books and rare books

(5) Microfilm/ microfiche and audio/ video materials.

(6) Government publications, research reports, conference proceedings.

(7) Resources for Chinese Studies.

(8) Electronic databases (including online databases and CD-ROM/DVD-ROM databases).

In response to the development of information technology, the Library has been trying to digitize the library’s important collections and to provide online access to such digital resources. Database systems provide for searches and access to such digitized materials include the National Central Library Online Catalog, the NCL Taiwan Periodical Literature, the National Central Library Gazette Online, and the National Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations in Taiwan (NDLTD), etc. The released digital images are allowed to view and download over the Internet. As for the subscribed commercial full-text databases, on account of the restrictions from the publisher, users have to come to the Library to use.

The National Central Library has constructed about 60 databases which including bibliographical databases and digital archive databases. The follows are most frequently used databases:

(1) The National Bibliographic Information Network;

(2) The ISBNet;

(3) The portal to the NCL Rare Books Collections;

(4) NCL Taiwan Periodical Literature;

(5) The Taiwan Citation Index - Humanities and Social Sciences (TCI-HSS);

(6) The National Central Library Gazette Online;

(7) The National Central Library Government Statistics;

(8) The National Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations in Taiwan (NDLTD);

(9) The National Central Library E-Publication Platform System (EPS);

(10) Taiwan Memory;

(11) The National Central Library Digital Audio Visual Archive System, etc. 

These databases could be accessed from the NCL Home Page

Besides, the Library has subscribed to about 250 Chinese and foreign languages commercial databases, listed all the databases under a table E-Resources(ELECTRONIC DATABASES). In the table, there is a column shows the ip/ institutions that could access to the database. For example, some can be accessed only within the National Central Library, some can also be accessed from other public libraries or governmental institutions, and some allow those uses who have registered as NCL member (have registered for an iNCL Account).

In viewing the electronic databases table, users can browse databases list by the following categories: indices/full-text databases, electronic journals, e-books, etc., or by language and subject, or search for the needed database by keywords within the table E-Resources(ELECTRONIC DATABASES).

(1) Theses:

a. General principle:
Theses deposited in recent 3 years are shelved in the 2nd floor Theses Section (open shelf area). Theses received 3years ago are kept in the closed stacks; users need to do online retrieval request for such closed stacks theses.

b. Theses of law schools:
Theses of law schools deposited in recent 3 years are shelved in the 5th floor Government Publications and Law Collections Room (open shelf area). Theses of law schools received 3years ago are kept in the closed stacks; users need to do online retrieval request for such closed stacks theses.

(2) Dissertations:

Dissertations are all kept in the closed stacks in the NCL Main Library. Users can do online retrieval request for needed dissertations and use at the NCL Main Library.

There are two major possible reasons for theses and dissertations to be restricted their release: The author might want to take out a patent on his/ her invention in the thesis or dissertation, or want to re-write the thesis/ dissertation into a publication. The Library is not supposed to provide such materials for use.

There are two ways to do recommendations for NCL acquisition:

(1) Fill out ‘Acquisition Recommendation for NCL’ form and turn in through any of the following ways:

a. Turn in to service counters at National Central Library

b. Turn in the form:

-- by mail: Address: No. 20 Zhongshan S. Rd. 100201 Taipei City, Taiwan

-- by fax: 886-2-2371-2088

(2) Filling out an online form: NCL Home Page >Applications> Online Acquisition Recommendation (Form in Chinese)

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